Agricultural farm " Tra Cielo e Terra "   

 Well-being in the countryside

 Todi - Umbria 

The name of our guest house, Tra Cielo e Terra, means literally “between the sky and the earth”  is linked to the idea that man can live in harmony only if he preserves contact with Nature. Above his head, there is the Sky which gives him gifts. Beneath his feet, the Earth to which he is tied in his everyday existence. We chose that name because our main purpose is our guest’s wellness and well-being. The wellness came us from the fine air, the silence, the splendid landscape, an comfortable place, a natural kitchen, traditional or vegetarian and we to be glad to stay together with other.

The Tuderte territory offer to visitors a return of the ancient one, to the age of sandy roads, of the Umbrian history and times that recall the S. Francis of Assisi. Near Todi we find the cities of the Italian medieval history: Orvieto, Assisi, Foligno, Spoleto, Perugia, Bevagna, Norcia  

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