Extra virgin olive oil

The olives are harvested by hand , come from trees treated biologically This kind of variety is moraiolo , Leccino and Frantoio is the origin of Tuscany, but are widespread in Umbria. The olives are of modest size , they give a high and constant productivity , making it particularly suitable for the production of extra virgin olive oil . The vibrant flavor with a slight aftertaste " pizzicoso " determines its characteristics. The coefficient is much lower acidity of the rules set ' % 1 because the pressing of the olives is made within three days of harvesting, avoiding physical damage to the fruit. These conditions prevent the sugars contained in olives , once collected, can be transformed into fatty acids , preventing the increase of acidity . The olive trees on land vegetate in part left fallow . At the foot of the turf plants is just content , to prevent weeds privilege on the plant. The soil is fertilized with stallattico and the absence of chemical treatment favors the establishment of a natural microfauna reestablishing a certain balance between useful and harmful insects ; human intervention is limited to pruning containment . All this is to foster peculiarity typical Umbrian olive tree , which grows on arid lands fertilized plants of oak and a slightly ' overgrown .


What to know ...

Did you know that the name of extra - virgin olive oil can be attributed only virgin olive oil of absolutely perfect flavor , acidity expressed as oleic acid may not exceed 1g . on 100gr. of oil.
In addition, the extra- virgin olive oil is obtained from olives by mechanical or physical means under conditions that do not cause alterations particularly thermal oil , and which have not undergone any treatment other than washing, decantation , centrifugation and filtration.
Another equally important appears to be the mode with which the oil is produced . The cold pressing of the olives is certainly to be preferred over any other mode.
Our oil was obtained from the olive processing in modern mills with the cold method . The choice of new machinery for the mill compared to those of a turn ensures the hygiene and the cleaning of the pressing mats on which the olives are crushed . The characteristic of Umbrian oil is given by the olive must , in fact our choice not to filter the oil , is determined by the fact of keeping the particle suspension of the fruit , thus allowing the oil to obtain a aftertaste pizzicoso .